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Dr. Fiona is the Naturopathic Doctor advisor to : Canada’s premier online fertility community. Her research based blog is featured by the American College for Advancement in Medicine. Her articles on the naturopathic treatment of autoimmune infertility and luteal phase defect were published in NDNR, one of the leading journals for naturopathic doctors and she has presented to other health care professionals on evidence-based acupuncture and fertility treatment. In the media, Dr. Fiona was featured in an hour long special on natural fertility on Wylde on Health, has appeared on A Channel News, a CBC Documentary, and has been interviewed by FLARE and Wish magazines.

Posts by Fiona McCulloch ND:

Leaky Gut and PCOS

PCOS Diva Amy Medling asked me to write a post for her on PCOS and Leaky Gut. Leaky gut is also known as intestinal permeability - often misdiagnosed as IBS, this condition occurs when the lining of the intestine is no longer a sealed barrier, protecting the immune system from…

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Natural Treatments for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: A Different View on a Common Disease.

Natural Treatments for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis are discussed in this article, as well as some of the most current information on the causes of this condition, which is the most common autoimmune disease. This article will discuss both selenium and iodine and how to apply them carefully in this condition.

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The Birth Control Pill, Fertility and Thin Endometrial Lining

Many patients take the birth control pill for long periods of time. Whether that be to treat a hormonal disorder like PCOS, or Endometriosis, or to provide contraception, there are a variety of reasons that a woman may take the pill for years. It has long been thought that there…

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Autoimmune Infertility : Updates.

This is a follow-up article to Part 1 of this series, Autoimmune Infertility which was published in the March 2011 Autoimmunity edition of NDNR. This was one of our most popular articles on our blog and many people were requesting more updated information. As such I have compiled the latest…

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PCOS and Thyroid Health | Hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s

PCOS and Thyroid Disease are linked. Many doctors do not know about this link, however a woman with PCOS will need to know the facts in this article so that she can protect her hormonal health. Optimizing thyroid function has vast benefits in PCOS. There are specific and simple tests…

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PCOS and Cardiovascular Health| PCOS Challenge Radio Show

Women with PCOS are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Learn more in this free podcast where Sasha Ottey interviews Dr. Fiona McCulloch on the nutritional approach to cardiovascular health in PCOS on the PCOS Challenge radio show. Everything from the link between the thyroid and PCOS to the increased…

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HST Exemption for Naturopathic Medicine in Canada

We are so pleased to announce that the services of Naturopathic Doctors (and acupuncturists) are now HST exempt in Canada, as of February 12, 2014.  All of our fees will now be HST free, which is similar to a 13% reduction in our fees.  Labs and supplements will still have…

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Webinar: Advanced Fertility Cases | PCOS and Autoimmune

Tomorrow, January 28th, 2014, I'll be providing a webinar through the Association of Perinatal Naturopathic Doctors on the topic of Advanced Fertility Topics: PCOS, Autoimmune Infertility and Egg Quality. 2 CE credits are approved for licensed NDs (1 botanical medicine and 1 clinical nutrition).

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High DHEA and Testosterone in PCOS | Ovary vs Adrenal Androgens

Women with PCOS can have differing profiles of androgens. Androgens like testosterone are secreted either by the adrenal glands or the ovary. The source of androgens may have some significant with respect to reproductive, metabolic and cardiovascular outcome. Hormones such as DHEA, or testosterone may be elevated and the ratio…

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Ashwagandha and Sperm Count

Male infertility accounts from anywhere from 30-50% of infertility worldwide. IVF is an expensive procedure that is often used to treat male factor infertility, however, there is good evidence that many natural supplements and antioxidants may improve the sperm count and as such, improve fertility. This double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled…

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