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Talking To Friends and Family About Infertility

By Dr. Julia Sen | Published in Healthy Living Magazine Individuals and couples experiencing infertility often tell me about the concerns they have regarding what their family and friends do, say or expect from them. Friends may want you to attend a baby shower, others may make an insensitive comment,…

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Relationship Stress: Coping with Infertility as A Couple

By Dr. Julia Sen | Published in Healthy Living Magazine During the ups and downs of the infertility process, some tension or disagreement between partners is not unusual. For many, it seems as though their partner doesn’t quite understand what they are going through and that they are all alone…

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Coping with Emotional Stress in Infertility

“We always dreamed of having a family of four.” “We never thought we would have trouble getting pregnant.” “I feel so alone and sad.” “This is not the way it was supposed to be…” One in six couples experience infertility. Receiving a diagnosis of infertility has been described as shocking…

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