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IVF Acupuncture Support Program by Toronto Naturopaths

If you have chosen to use assisted reproductive technology to conceive, our ivf acupuncture support program will help you to prepare for, and improve the outcome of your cycle. We have extensive experience treating many patients undergoing IVF cycles, and are familiar with the processes used at Fertility clinics. The IVF Acupuncture Support Program has been developed for over a decade and includes diet, acupuncture and supplements. For patients who prefer not to use acupuncture, we have the option of laser acupuncture which is completely painless. We also offer a supplement and nutritional support program to enhance IVF for those patients who may be out of town, or who prefer to omit acupuncture altogether.

Your first visit for this program is 2 hours in length and will include the first acupuncture treatment. During this visit, you will have time to discuss your medical history, lab results, lifestyle, diet and menstrual cycle details. Followup visits are approximately 30 minutes. We do not recommend herbal medicines during IVF cycles. Certain fertility boosting supplements which can enhance egg quality and implantation are often recommended to increase your chance of success. These IVF enhancing supplements can enhance uterine artery blood flow, improve endometrial lining and implantation, and protect the integrity of follicles. We can also work with your reproductive endocrinologist to give you the best outcome possible.

During the treatment process, you will receive a personalized assessment and recommendations for nutrition, fertility enhancing foods specific to your condition, and handouts on stress management techniques. IVF support supplement therapy will be started as indicated by your assessment and will be adjusted according to your response. Only supplements which are safe to take during IVF cycles will be recommended. You will also be given guided self inquiry exercises that you can do at home which will help you to manage some of the emotional aspects that often arise during the fertility/IVF process. You will learn reproductive massage to enhance blood flow to your follicles and uterus.

The acupuncture treatment is very relaxing and gentle. Most patients feel very relaxed or even sleepy after the treatment. Soothing infrared heat may be used on the pelvis to improve circulation, and sometimes electronic stimulation of acupuncture needles may be indicated to enhance blood flow or promote ovulation.

The number of treatments recommended can vary depending on your specific concerns. If you have time to prepare for your cycle that is an excellent idea since the follicles begin developing in the ovary 120 days before they are released (though the 3 months before release are critical). According to most research, acupuncture also significantly improves the outcome of IVF when done around the date of transfer. Please click here to see an article with research on IVF and acupuncture According to clinical experience, we also find that doing treatments during the follicular phase of the cycle are extremely helpful. For women who have had repeated miscarriages, Dr Fiona may recommend some treatments during the luteal phase and beyond.

We also offer an effective natural fertility treatment program for patients who would like to use naturopathic medicine to conceive.

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