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Dr. Erica Speaks with FASHION Magazine About Supplements for Hair and Skin

There aren’t many things we can say we miss about our teenage years—like having to answer to our parents, texting on flip phones, and being denied entry into a bar with our sisters’ ID. But there’s one thing we never thought we’d miss—our teenage complexion. In what was supposed to…

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Do I need to go gluten-free to feel good?

This is the infamous question of our modern health culture. Is gluten free the ONLY way to be? Is gluten the cause of your bloating, fatigue, joint pain, brain fog and weight gain? Well, the answer is…. Maybe. BUT don’t stop reading here! The evidence is currently mixed about the…

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Multi-tasking. Is it draining your energy?

Raise your hand if you are tired all of the time, and feel like you could get so much more out of your day if you only had energy! If the current medical research is a correct reflection than approximately 50% of you just sighed out of exhaustion. Fatigue is…

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Chronic Fatigue? – Investigate the gut

The intestinal tract is also known as many things, the second brain, the center of immunity, the first line of defense, and all of these descriptions are far better at elucidating the critical role of this essential organ. It is true that dysfunction of intestinal tract has repercussions far beyond…

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PCOS Challenge Radio – Health Tips for Women with PCOS

I was just interviewed by Sasha Ottey of PCOS Challenge. This is my second interview with Sasha, last year she interviewed me about cardiovascular health and PCOS. In this episode we discuss health goals for women with PCOS including weight loss, fertility, and emotional health. I give specific eating tips…

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Online Store Launch

To serve our patients better, we’ve been working hard on our online store. All supplements can be ordered through the store. We ask that you no longer call or email orders in, and instead use the online store. We hope that orders will be faster, and more efficient through this…

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New naturopath at white lotus

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