Month: December 2013

Fertility Herb Maca Improves LH Surge

Maca root is a commonly used traditional herb in South America to improve fertility in both men and women. Although it has been commonly used in botanical medicine for these purposes, the exact action on the endocrine system remains to be fully understood. A new study has been released which may have uncovered some of this mystery. In this study, maca root was given to female rats for a period of 7 weeks at various doses.

Antioxidants and Female Fertility. New Evidence

A new study was released from Harvard Vanguard/Boston IVF recently which provided some interesting insight into the role of 3 different antioxidants on female fertility. The study investigated Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta carotene, and found distinct differences between the three and time to pregnancy. It also determined that these antioxidants had differing effects based on body mass index and age.

PCOS and Adrenal Health | PCOS Diva Guest Post

PCOS Diva is one of the most well-known health advocates in the polycystic ovarian syndrome community. I was thrilled to be able to write a post for her on the topic of the adrenals and polycystic ovarian syndrome. As a PCOS patient myself, I know from my own experience that adrenal health is a key part of the disorder. Reviewing the research on this topic only cemented the fascinating information, showing that women who have PCOS actually have different adrenal function. My article reviewed what those differences are, and also contained many details on how to improve adrenal health for patients with PCOS.