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Acupressure is a relaxing and needle free way to improve your fertility. Several studies have proven the efficacy of acupressure techniques to improve fertility, for both IVF cycles and for natural fertility.

Acupressure for Fertility - How does it work?

Points are stimulated with small circular motions on specific nerve clusters on the back, feet, ankles, lower leg, hands, face and ears. Points are chosen according to the exact clinical studies which determined that these points positively benefit fertility.

Treatment also includes laser acupoint therapy of key abdominal points to influence fertility if this is desired by the patient. Laser acupuncture has been shown to improve IVF success rates in clinical trials.

Acupressure reduces Stress and Improves Circulation

Acupressure has been clinically proven to significantly reduce stress and anxiety. This is extremely beneficial, as numerous studies have shown that stress makes it more difficult to conceive.

At the end of the acupressure treatment, joint mobilization is used to free up the circulation in the entire body.   Joint mobilization is gently moving the area where two bones connect, such as the hip joint. By using specific controlled movements of the limbs, we can create a space between joints that allows new blood with important nutrients to flow in and flush waste products out.  This is beneficial to improve circulation to the entire body.

Acupressure is incredibly relaxing, and most patients say they feel like they’ve had a trip to the spa rather than a therapeutic intervention!

White Lotus Clinic does not offer acupressure at this time.

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