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How Walnuts affect Insulin Levels

In a recent study, 28 subjects with high body mass index (but without diabetes), were chosen to test the effect that walnuts have on the body. Specifically, the study focused on why these nuts in particular are linked to better metabolic health.

Two types of meals were selected for the participants: either a standard meal, or one that had walnuts incorporated. Macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat) for both were determined to be appropriately matched so there was as little variation as possible between them.
Both meals included processed whole wheat bread and sugar-free jam, but one meal included cream cheese, where the other type of meal substituted nuts for the dairy.

The study concluded that those who ate the walnut meal had reduced post-meal insulin levels!

What were the key differences? Fibre, and fat. Walnuts contain 2.8 grams of fibre per serving, compared to the whopping 0 grams of fibre in the cream cheese. Additionally, nuts are primarily comprised of polyunsaturated fats, while cream cheese is packed with saturated fat.

To learn more about the study, and how these nuts had such a positive effect on insulin levels, you can read the full article over on the drfionand website here.