Acupuncture and Fertility | Improved Success rates for Natural Fertility and IVF

Whether you have been having trouble conceiving a baby, or suffering from repeated miscarriages, acupuncture can help increase your fertility.  Acupuncture is a powerful and gentle treatment which has helped countless men and women with a wide range of fertility concerns. It can either be used as the main therapy, or as support for treatments like IVF, IUI, and ICSI.

Dr Fiona McCulloch is our medical director at White Lotus with a special interest in fertility and either her or one of our doctors can advise you on how this program can help you to conceive.

Acupuncture and Fertility in women

A recent analysis of seven studies done on the topic of IVF found that the odds of conceiving went up about 65 percent for women receiving acupuncture compared to those who did not2. In 2002, a study out of Germany on women undergoing IVF reported that 42 percent of the women who received acupuncture got pregnant, compared to 26 percent who did not receive acupuncture treatment3.

Many conditions can interfere with Fertility for women including:

Acupuncture is an important therapy which can be very helpful in the treatment of the above conditions. In cases of tubal blockage, or other conditions where surgical procedures may be needed acupuncture can improve circulation and healing after the surgery.

Acupuncture is theorized to improve women’s fertility by

  • providing improved blood circulation to the pelvic organs
  • enhancing follicle development
  • relaxing the cervix
  • improving fertile mucous
  • regulating ovulation and the menstrual cycle
  • improving the endometrial lining
  • decreasing overall stress levels.

Acupuncture and Fertility in men

For men, it can improve sperm count, quality and motility1,5,6,7. A study done in 2005 also reported that acupuncture treatment was associated with fewer structurally abnormal sperm4, and an increase in the number of normal sperm. Acupuncture is also theorized to balance men’s hormones and reduce overall stress, both of which have great impacts on fertility. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to naturally boost fertility for men and women. Modern research is now indicating that it is also a promising technique to enhance assisted reproductive therapies like IVF. Not only have studies indicated that acupuncture is effective, but it is also known to have an excellent safety record and to be affordable. This treatment will likely have a very important future place in helping many couples conceive the families they dream of. We offer both a naturopathic acupuncture for fertility program, and an IVF acupuncture support program. Contact us to  book your appointment with one of our naturopaths and you can maximize your chances of conceiving with science based therapies carefully customized to your needs.

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