Green Tea Extract Proves Better Than Metformin for Metabolic Markers in Women

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Green tea continues to prove itself as a healing powerhouse. A lot of women with PCOS take Metformin to manage their insulin resistance, but a simpler solution proves to be even better. In a recent study, green tea extract was shown to outperform Metformin in both lipid profile and glycemic control.

120 women with high BMI took part in a double-blind trial. The study lasted 12 weeks, and the participants were assigned at random to be given one of the following:

  • 1 gram green tea extract with 280 mg of polyphenols, including catechins
  • 1 gram metformin
  • A combination of 1 gram green tea and metformin
  • Or a placebo

Surpring Results

Test results at the end of the study showed that the green tea extract alone reduced fasting glucose. The tea also improved lipid parameters, including LDL, aka “bad” cholesterol.
The reason for this is probably because green tea and Metformin are both triggers to the AMP kinase pathway. This is a pathway uptakes glucose into cells, and reduces hepatic glucose production.

Participants who took Metformin experienced body weight reduction, but in an unexpected manner. Instead of reducing fat, Metformin caused a loss of lean muscle tissue. HBA1C increased on Metformin alone. This corroborates with other studies, which show that cultures of muscle cells exposed to Metformin can be associated with muscle cell death.

An additional benefit of the tea extract over Metformin has to do with the side effects that a lot of women experience on the drug. Metformin often causes diarrhea and nausea, which leads many to discontinue taking it. Green tea doesn’t cause those negative effects. In addition to being more effective in weight control, the lessened negative side effects make it much more appealing for long-term use.

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