Magnesium and Zinc: Two Essential Minerals for PCOS

In PCOS, insulin resistance causes oxidative stress and inflammation to be carried in our blood. A recent study has shown that magnesium and zinc play an important role in antioxidant stress and inflammation.

In the study, 60 women with PCOS were matched for BMI. They were randomized to either take 250mg of magnesium paired with 50mg of zinc twice daily, or a placebo. Aside from taking these minerals, there were no changes made to their daily habits.

Reduction of Inflammation

Tests done at the end of the study showed that the supplement groups had increased serum magnesium and zinc levels. There was also a reduction of hs-CRP and protein carbonyl, as well as an increase in plasma total antioxidant capacity.

When the white blood cells were analyzed, they showed that levels of the inflammation-promoting TNF alpha and IL1 were reduced. These are some of the most potent causes of inflammation that you will see in women with PCOS. They’re generally linked to several of the chronic health issues common with the condition such as diabetes, heart disease, depression, and anxiety.

These factors play a main role in hyperinsulinemia and the vascular inflammation process through multiple actions. The former is one of the main triggers of elevated testosterone levels. These cause hair loss, irregular cycles, hirsutism, and inflammatory cystic acne so common in PCOS.

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