Toronto Naturopath | Fertility | Women’s Health | Dr. Erica Nikiforuk BSc. R.Ac. ND

Toronto Naturopath Dr. Erica Nikiforuk is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor committed to exceptional patient care through evidence-based medicine. She is also a Registered Acupuncturist under the CTCMPAO. Her areas of research and clinical focus include fertility, endocrine disorders (PCOS, thyroid conditions, diabetes) and healthy weight management. Dr. Erica has published in major scientific and naturopathic medical journals, including the Journal of the American Dietetic Association and Naturopathic Currents.

Dr Erica is not currently taking new patients.

In her practice, Dr. Erica conducts in a thorough review of your medical history and relevant testing, in order to bring new understanding to complex cases. Dr. Erica provides an in-depth and unique treatment plan to each of her patients, which may include specific nutritional, supplement, herbal medicine or acupuncture recommendations. She also uses novel natural fertility , IVF support and weight loss support available only at White Lotus Integrative Medicine, in order to deliver the best in patient care.