Registered Holistic Nutrition in Toronto

Holistic Nutritionist in TorontoThe initial consultation with our amazing nutritionist Shannon Conrad BSc RHN involves an in-depth interview and review of intake forms, questionnaires and food diary. This consultation is used to build a complete picture of your personal needs, goals, medical history, areas of imbalance, current dietary and lifestyle habits.

During this session an optional BioSignature assessment is done to assess your current body fat percentage and general hormonal profile. BioSignature is a system based on the scientific evidence that where people store their body fat can be an indication of hormonal imbalances. This means that unwanted body fat and corresponding hormonal imbalances can be effectively improved and managed through a combination of diet, targeted supplementation, exercise and lifestyle modifications. Based on the information gathered in this session a personalized plan will be developed specially tailored to address your needs and will be presented to you during the second visit.

During the Second visit your plan will be presented to you which will include nutritional, lifestyle and supplemental recommendations specific to your needs and designed to help address any hormonal imbalances, improve digestion, detoxify if necessary and correct nutritional deficiencies all with the goal of optimizing overall health and well being.

Follow up sessions (optional BioSignature assessment included with each session) Follow up sessions are designed to help monitor your progress, keep you motivated and provide ongoing support. These sessions will deliver tips to help build upon previous recommendations, make modifications if necessary and address any new concerns.


How often must I come in for sessions after the initial and second visit?

Ideally, you should come back for a follow up within 2 weeks of the second visit to monitor progress on the program and assess how your body is responding. After this point follows ups are recommended every 2-4 weeks to monitor progress and make adjustments if necessary.

How Long Before I Will See Results?

This really depends on many factors from current health status, underlying health concerns, type and duration of hormonal imbalances, training and lifestyle factors, and of course your compliance. From experience however, most clients see positive results within as little as a month and sometimes within just a couple weeks.

Registered Holistic Nutrition (currently unavailable)
Visit TypePractitionerRate
Holistic Nutrition Startup Package
90 Min Initial Consultation and 60 min Second Visit
Shannon Conrad $255.00 +HST
Holistic Nutrition Followups
40 minutes
Shannon Conrad $75.00 +HST
Special Package Offer
Initial Consultation, Second Visit and 2 Followups
Shannon Conrad $390.00 +HST

Personal Training services (off-site)

  • Personalized 1 on 1 Personal Training- starting at $90/hour
  • Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private training is a great option for 2-4 people who have similar ability levels and share similar body composition goals. This option is the same as Personalized Training except you are sharing training sessions with others. Group training can be a great way to help you stay motivated and on track.

Rates dependent on group size. Please contact for rates.

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