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Flax Oil or Fish Oil: Which is Better for Treating Depression?

Fish oil is one of the most popular supplements around, as it has so many health benefits. Many studies show that when a person supplements their diet with Omega-3 fatty acids—particularly EPA and DHA—there’s a noticeable improvement in their overall mood. Many people take flax oil instead, as it also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, but …

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Artificial Sweeteners’ Effect on the Brain Reduces Impulse Control

A lot of people struggle to lose weight while dieting, and a new study may have determined why. The study was on artificial sweeteners and how they affect the brain, and the results were quite shocking. There are countless diet soft drinks that are marketed to dieters specifically because of their low calorie count. Well, …

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Multi-tasking. Is it draining your energy?

Raise your hand if you are tired all of the time, and feel like you could get so much more out of your day if you only had energy!

If the current medical research is a correct reflection than approximately 50% of you just sighed out of exhaustion.

Fatigue is one the of most fascinating states, in my opinion, because there are any number of things that can be contributing to it. Everything from small day to tasks, all the way up to chronic multi-system illnesses could be at the root of this symptom. Whatsmore, is that even in the face of a multi-system illness, we are still doing things every day that are aggravating our fatigue levels. Over the next few weeks we will address some of the most common fatigue offenders and give actionable steps to help you feel more energetic and vibrant!

Is Adrenal Fatigue Real?

Treatments for Adrenal Fatigue – Adrenal Fatigue – Is it Real? Part 2

Adrenal fatigue is a topic long thought to be controversial in the conventional medical community, though well-known in alternative medicine. This article goes through natural treatments to improve HPA axis function in stressful situations and provides evidence on how this axis functions to support our systems in situations of stress, and how it can become dysregulated, affecting numerous systems in the body.

Coping with Emotional Stress in Infertility

One in Six Couples Experience Infertility Receiving a diagnosis of infertility has been described as shocking and devastating. Emotional responses may range from denial to a sense of collapse. Through the roller coaster of the infertility path we feel helpless and desperately desire a way to regain control.The diagnosis of infertility begins with a variety …

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