Our patient records system is moving

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to move our electronic medical records to the Jane Platform.  We chose Jane because we found it has some features we feel are going to be helpful to you and a crisp, user friendliness that we hope you will enjoy using as well!

We are still in the process of preparing the data to migrate to the new system, so for now, if you are an existing patient from before 2019, you will still have your old records stored on the SmartND platform.  If you’ve had a visit in 2019, or are a new patient, your records will be stored on the Jane platform.  We regret the extra steps to get to your records and will do our best to complete this migration as soon as we can.

If you need to access a chart or patient record from 2018 or before, your records are still located on the SmartND platform

If you need to access a chart created in 2019, please log in through the Jane platform, you can contact us if you are having trouble accessing this platform.

As of March 1st, the smartND platform appears to be down.  We have contacted support and waiting for a response. We are certain this is a temporary problem and we suspect it will be remedied soon.