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Our Toronto Naturopathic Clinic

We pride ourselves in providing science-based naturopathic medicine with respect and warmth. We are located in the North York Centre at Willowdale and Sheppard, in Toronto. We strive to make our clinic a welcoming, comfortable space and we fully support you in achieving your best health!

Since 2001, our naturopathic doctors have been leaders in women's health, hormones and fertility in naturopathic medicine. We can help with challenging conditions that may not have responded to other therapies.

We were voted Best Naturopath by the Inside Toronto Readers Choice Awards for 2014, in the North York Mirror!

Our Licensed Toronto Naturopaths

We are fully licensed Naturopathic Doctors who provide research-based natural medicine to the Toronto community with professionalism and warmth. We also serve many out of town patients who seek our specialized care. Our doctors are involved in teaching, writing and research in the field of naturopathic medicine in addition to keeping busy clinical practices.

Our team also includes our Registered Psychologist who addresses the mind-body connection.

Naturopathic Medicine

Our naturopaths provide a full range of laboratory testing science-based therapeutics and nutrition as well as bio-identical hormones and dessicated thyroid.

Our naturopaths welcome challenging conditions, as well as knowledgeable patients who have researched their own health.

We take a detailed look into your health concerns and find solutions that are science-based and realistic for your lifestyle.

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Green Tea Extract Proves Better Than Metformin for Metabolic Markers in Women

Green tea continues to prove itself as a healing powerhouse. A lot of women with PCOS take Metformin to manage their insulin resistance, but a simpler solution proves to be even better. In a recent study, green tea extract was shown to outperform Metformin in both lipid profile and glycemic control. 120 women with high BMI took part in a double-blind trial. The study lasted 12 weeks, and the participants were assigned at random to be given one of the following: 1 gram green tea extract with 280 mg of polyphenols, including catechins 1 gram metformin A combination of 1 gram green tea and metformin Or a placebo Surprising Results Test results at the end of the study showed that the green…

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Magnesium and Zinc: Two Essential Minerals for PCOS

In PCOS, insulin resistance causes oxidative stress and inflammation to be carried in our blood. A recent study has shown that magnesium and zinc play an important role in antioxidant stress and inflammation. In the study, 60 women with PCOS were matched for BMI. They were randomized to either take 250mg of magnesium paired with 50mg of zinc twice daily, or a placebo. Aside from taking these minerals, there were no changes made to their daily habits. Reduction of Inflammation Tests done at the end of the study showed that the supplement groups had increased serum magnesium and zinc levels. There was also a reduction of hs-CRP and protein carbonyl, as well as an increase in plasma total antioxidant capacity.…

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Artificial Sweeteners’ Effect on the Brain Reduces Impulse Control

A lot of people struggle to lose weight while dieting, and a new study may have determined why. The study was on artificial sweeteners and how they affect the brain, and the results were quite shocking. There are countless diet soft drinks that are marketed to dieters specifically because of their low calorie count. Well, it turns out they’re actually contributing to people making unhealthy eating choices. A new study took three months to complete, and followed 14 healthy volunteers. Each of those volunteers drank between two and six cans of 33cl soft drinks every day. For the duration of the study, their favourite drinks were switched with those containing artificial sweeteners. The assumption was that since the subjects were…

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In Lean PCOS, Insulin Resistance is Often Missed, as Illustrated by This Study on the Microbiome

A new study just released on gut microbiome and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) showed some fascinating results: it showed that women with PCOS have fewer types of gut bacteria AND very different microbiomes than women who don’t have the condition. This study concluded that this effect was due to testosterone, rather than metabolic issues or insulin resistance. The problem with these findings is that the testing for insulin resistance wasn’t sufficient to reach this conclusion. Why? Because we have vast amounts of research showing that insulin resistance is linked to changes in our microbiome. The study included 163 women: 48 of them were healthy, 72 were formally diagnosed with PCOS, and 42 had polycystic ovary morphology (PCOM). The women in the PCOM…

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How Walnuts affect Insulin Levels

In a recent study, 28 subjects with high body mass index (but without diabetes), were chosen to test the effect that walnuts have on the body. Specifically, the study focused on why these nuts in particular are linked to better metabolic health. Two types of meals were selected for the participants: either a standard meal, or one that had walnuts incorporated. Macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat) for both were determined to be appropriately matched so there was as little variation as possible between them. Both meals included processed whole wheat bread and sugar-free jam, but one meal included cream cheese, where the other type of meal substituted nuts for the dairy. The study concluded that those who ate the walnut…

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