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Our Toronto Naturopathic Clinic

We pride ourselves in providing science-based naturopathic medicine with respect and warmth. We are located in the North York Centre at Willowdale and Sheppard, in Toronto. We strive to make our clinic a welcoming, comfortable space and we fully support you in achieving your best health!

Since 2001, our naturopathic doctors have been leaders in women's health, hormones and fertility in naturopathic medicine. We can help with challenging conditions that may not have responded to other therapies.

We were voted Best Naturopath by the Inside Toronto Readers Choice Awards for 2014, in the North York Mirror!

Our Licensed Toronto Naturopaths

We are fully licensed Naturopathic Doctors who provide research-based natural medicine to the Toronto community with professionalism and warmth. We also serve many out of town patients who seek our specialized care. Our doctors are involved in teaching, writing and research in the field of naturopathic medicine in addition to keeping busy clinical practices.

Our team also includes our Registered Psychologist who addresses the mind-body connection.

Naturopathic Medicine

Our naturopaths provide a full range of laboratory testing science-based therapeutics and nutrition as well as bio-identical hormones and dessicated thyroid.

Our naturopaths welcome challenging conditions, as well as knowledgeable patients who have researched their own health.

We take a detailed look into your health concerns and find solutions that are science-based and realistic for your lifestyle.

White Lotus Clinic was founded by

How to Test for Insulin Resistance: Your Comprehensive Guide

Knowing which test to order for insulin resistance can be confusing and negative tests for diabetes can be misleading. This article summarizes with accuracy which are the best tests to order to know definitively if you have insulin resistance and risks for metabolic conditions like diabetes.

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Metabolic Acne Part 2- Diet and Nutritional Interventions

In the last article we discussed how your adult acne may not be a function of your reproductive hormones, but instead your metabolic hormones. This is especially true of nodular, cystic acne that sits along the cheeks, and jaw line. Here we talked about how insulin and IGF-1 can be intricately related to skin cell overgrowth, sebum production and skin pigmentation changes. At this point you have likely tested your insulin levels, or have a good idea that insulin resistance may be at play for you. So now, what do you do about it?   When it comes to addressing acne diet has a huge role to play! Cut the Dairy I have long been told that sugar and dairy…

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Dr. Erica Speaks with FASHION Magazine About Supplements for Hair and Skin

There aren’t many things we can say we miss about our teenage years—like having to answer to our parents, texting on flip phones, and being denied entry into a bar with our sisters’ ID. But there’s one thing we never thought we’d miss—our teenage complexion. In what was supposed to be the period of our lives when we battled raging hormones and stereotypical pizza faces, many of us experienced just an occasional blemish on our perfectly plump, wrinkle-free mugs. Sure, a zit in those days may have caused us a significant amount of grief (remember when DJ Tanner channeled Cousin It after discovering her first pimple?), but ten plus years later, we’d kill for just a single skin woe. Click…

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Dr Fiona Interviewed on Just Ask Joyce

It was great to speak with Joyce Oglesby of Just Ask Joyce on 84.7 WFIA FM today! We chatted about PCOS, talking especially about how it affects teenagers, but also how it affects a woman’s health throughout the lifespan. Please click the link below to check it out!

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Today’s Parent – Gender Swaying Techniques

Are you dreaming of having a daughter? Or would you do anything to have a boy? Well, if you’ve taken your desires to the Internet, you’ll know there’s no lack of enthusiastic advice to sway the odds of conceiving a boy or a girl. Time when you have sex! Change what you eat! Don’t orgasm! Be sure to orgasm! Generally speaking, there’s about a 51 percent chance you’ll have a boy and 49 percent chance you’ll have a girl. But can the timing of when you have sex, how much you enjoy yourself or what you eat change these odds? Click here to read more…

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