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We pride ourselves in providing science-based naturopathic medicine with respect and warmth. We are located in the North York Centre at Willowdale and Sheppard, in Toronto.

Since 2001, our naturopathic doctors have been leaders in women’s health, hormones and fertility in naturopathic medicine.

Our naturopaths provide a full range of laboratory testing science-based therapeutics and nutrition as well as bio-identical hormones and dessicated thyroid.

Our Licensed Toronto Naturopaths

Our Naturopathic Doctors are registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. We are involved in teaching, writing, and research in addition to keeping busy clinical practices.

We were voted Best Naturopath by the Inside Toronto Readers Choice Awards for 2014, in the North York Mirror!

How Estrogen Levels Affect Thyroid Hormone Test Results

A recent study has given us interesting insights into how thyroid hormone test levels are affected by timing in a woman’s monthly cycle. 55 women were tested in a situation that mimicked estrogen levels during ovulation. As the study progressed, tests showed that when estrogen reached ovulatory levels, the thyroid-regulating hormone TSH levels rose as well.

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Increased Risk of Diabetes from Artificial Sweeteners

Zero-calorie sweeteners like Aspartame have long been used in diet sodas, as well as other low-cal foods. It’s been assumed that these sweeteners are healthier alternatives for sugar (especially for those trying to lose weight), but recent studies show that they actually do a lot of damage, and can even increase one’s risk of diabetes.

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