Naturopathic PCOS Support in Toronto

It’s not simple to manage PCOS. 

 If you have PCOS and are familiar with its symptoms, this is probably not news to you.

PCOS includes a wide spectrum of types and the way it affects a woman can change throughout her life. Women with PCOS have very different needs in times of adolescence, during the reproductive years and through the perimenopausal transition and post menopause. 


50% of women who have PCOS remain undiagnosed, and often suffer for years with treatable problems. PCOS is also often incorrectly diagnosed as different hormonal imbalances can mimick it. We know the many variants and mimickers of PCOS well, due to our special interest in the care of women with this condition.

We know that many of you with “classic” forms of PCOS have struggled for years trying different diets. We know how hard you’ve worked and that you don’t get the same results that others do! The typical instructions to, ‘just lose weight’ are simply not helpful when it comes to this condition.

Easy weight gain with PCOS is not your fault – this is caused by the physiology of insulin resistance and blood sugar dysregulation. We have found that the majority of patients with insulin resistant PCOS will need to follow a sustainable nutrition plan based on managing insulin levels, not calories.

In patients with “lean” PCOS who don’t have significant insulin resistance, a proper diagnosis of key factors and treatment of these with herbal medicines, nutrition and supplements in the right order is crucial. It is not helpful to place a huge emphasis on insulin resistance with restrictive diets when other factors are more predominant. 

We always focus on what you need, when you need it, with our unique approach to PCOS

The White Lotus Naturopathic PCOS program, designed by Dr. Fiona McCulloch, is aimed at managing the root cause(s) and factors contributing to hormonal balance in PCOS:

  • androgen excess (high testosterone)
  • insulin resistance
  • inflammation
  • pituitary and ovarian hormone dysregulation (estradiol, progesterone, FSH and LH)
  • adrenal/cortisol dysfunction and stress
  • thyroid optimization
  • endocrine disruption/detoxification/environmental health
  • a diet focused on blood sugar/insulin regulation and exercise optimization

Each patient will present with a different combination of these factors that create their PCOS “type”. These factors can change at different times in life, a common element in PCOS.

This program is based on the steps outlined in Dr. Fiona’s  book, 8 Steps To Reverse Your PCOS

We provide our patients with research-driven dietary guidance and natural prescriptions, along with coaching on updates to the most optimal exercise, lifestyle modifications and environmental health concepts to help you get the best results you can with PCOS naturally.

Every step of the program involves tracking your progress with labs and objective improvements in cycles/symptoms and making sure that you are moving towards your goals.


PCOS-Related Problems Can Be Reversed

This program marks the start of a journey towards reversing a variety of problems caused by PCOS, one of the most misunderstood hormonal conditions.


Our licensed naturopathic doctors have worked with all of the presentations of PCOS from the mildest cases to the most challenging. We receive many patients who travel to consult with our clinic due to our special interest in addition to serving our local Toronto PCOS community with naturopathic care. Feel free to read any of our many articles on PCOS to learn more about our our science-based view to naturopathic medicine!

Finally, congratulations on taking the first step to prioritizing your health by reading this far – we are excited you’ve joined us and look forward to serving you!

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Naturopathic Care for PCOS: Our Visit Structure

Our unique investigative and treatment framework for PCOS will empower you to understand your body’s unique presentation of PCOS, and begin to see great results with your health.

The frequency of followup appointments is customized to your individual needs, as a patient looking to regulate periods with PCOS will have very different followup requirements than patients who are focusing on weight loss, or hair loss/excess growth.

Each of our naturopathic doctors are trained in the White Lotus Naturopathic PCOS Program. When visiting any of our practitioners the outline of the program remains the same.

** Please note, the following visit structure is a guideline only as we understand individual needs may vary. We will always try to work within your requirements.

First Naturopathic Visit (1.5 hours)

Second Naturopathic Visit (45 minutes)

Third Naturopathic Visit (30 minutes)

The third visit typically consists of the following.

Subsequent Naturopathic Visits (30 - 60 minutes as needed)

By now, you and your doctor are probably pretty familiar with your needs and a general sense of progress.  From here, those who want to continue can expect the following.