Women’s Health Clinic Offering Naturopathic Treatments in Toronto

Women’s Health has been a focus of our clinic in Toronto for nearly 20 years. Our naturopaths have a strong understanding of women’s health conditions and have supported thousands of patients through adolescence, young adulthood, pregnancy and post-partum, perimenopause and after menopause. The unique healthcare needs of women through each life phase can be supported well with naturopathic care.

Be heard... our naturopathic doctors are focused on women's health

Naturopathic Women’s Health - How It Works

Naturopathic doctors typically view women’s health conditions with a holistic view. Everything is taken into consideration, including how the condition began, past treatment responses, aggravating factors, and more. Our goal is always to gain a thorough clinical understanding of your condition.

In addition to learning the details about the condition itself, your naturopathic doctor will also look for underlying causes and factors that may be contributing. Women’s health conditions are often interrelated with other areas of health and wellness, so your ND will ask about sleep, stress, mental health, digestive function, adrenal health, family history and more. Each patient is unique, with different healthcare needs and goals – our aim is to support you in the way you need the most.

The Difference

Women’s health concerns can be complex. At the clinic, we develop long-term relationships with our patients, supporting them with naturopathic medicine through different stages in life. Since we have a holistic understanding of each patient’s health, we are able to provide help and support for a variety of concerns as they arise.

We always spend a good deal of time looking for and treating underlying causes of health problems, providing solutions that support the innate ability of the body to heal. We also work well with conventional healthcare providers to support your care.

What Happens On Your First Visit to Our Toronto Office

The first visit for naturopathic women’s health is 90 minutes long, allowing for a full clinical health assessment by your naturopathic doctor. Hormonal and women’s health conditions and this allows us to fully assess you for underlying causes that may have been missed in the past.
At the end of your first naturopathic women’s health visit, you’ll receive the first stage of your treatment plan including lab testing suggestions, diet suggestions/meal plans, lifestyle counseling, botanical medicine, supplements, and lifestyle suggestions

A Holistic & Comprehensive Health Plan

Naturopathic medicine for women’s health is always holistic, and treatments are created to incorporate elements of your lifestyle, preferences and needs. We provide research-based natural solutions such as supplements, herbal medicines and dietary changes that support the body’s ability to heal.
We always look carefully for underlying causes with a thorough clinical history and science-based data such as lab testing. WHEN to test is as important as knowing WHAT to test, when it comes to women’s health conditions! Our naturopathic doctors understand where hormone levels should be optimally, based on cycle timing. Depending on clinical history, testing for nutrient status or other factors may also be recommended. The right testing eliminates guessing and helps patients achieve their goals.
The clinic’s prescribing naturopathic doctors also offer bio-identical hormone therapy including NDT (Thyroid), Progesterone and Estrogen formulations to address certain hormonal needs in women’s health patients.

Women’s Health Issues We Can Help With

Be heard... our naturopathic doctors are focused on women's health

Dr. Fiona McCulloch BSc RAc ND
Dr. Alexandra Triendl-Dimitriu ND

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