Naturopathic Women’s Health Program | Toronto

At White Lotus, we know women’s health.  In our naturopathic women’s health program, we routinely treat a variety of conditions including:


We also treat hormonal conditions in men, including low testosterone, infertility and adrenal conditions.

What to Expect on your First Visit

The first visit for this program is 90 minutes, which will include a full health assessment by your Naturopath in order to determine the causes in your case.  Blood or lab tests may be conducted in order to obtain more information. We are highly skilled in using advanced laboratory testing to determine the exact hormonal imbalances involved in your case so we can target them and get the best results for you. A treatment plan will be designed for you which will evolve over time, aimed at removing the causes of your health concerns, restoring hormonal balance. We also focus on preventative medicine, looking to protect your health status and optimize your future health.

Naturopathic Women’s Health Program: Typical treatments

Treatments often include nutritional and dietary modification, nutraceutical naturopathic supplements, functional foods, herbal medicines, and acupuncture if deemed beneficial to your case. Science based therapies with research to back their efficacy are used to ensure the best results for you. Your Naturopath is always willing to provide you with information and answer your questions regarding your diagnosis and/or treatments.

Our naturopathic pregnancy and birth program can optimize health for both yourself and baby, and prepare your body for labour.