Weight Loss Program Using Food Insulin Demand – For Existing Clinic Patients

NOTE: To qualify for this program you must be a pre-existing clinic patient. We also offer a similar program for new patients but the first visit is 1.5 hours long as more information gathering is required.

At White Lotus we understand that it’s easier for some people to lose weight than others. This is not news to you though, as many of you have struggled to alter your body composition with diet, after diet. We understand that the simple instructions to, ‘lose 20 lbs’ are not that simple for you, and that the often repeated “Eat Less Move More” just doesn’t work the same way for everyone

If you tend to gain weight around your midsection and have difficulty losing weight despite making good efforts, you are likely insulin resistant. That is why we have established a nutrition program based on a new metric from the University of Sydney – the food insulin demand. This complete real- food anti-inflammatory nutritional program was designed by Dr. Fiona McCulloch with a goal of achieving maximum satiety while controlling insulin release and increasing fat loss. Intermittent fasting is also recommended for some patients.

The goal of the program is to improve insulin resistance, and since high levels of insulin inhibit fat breakdown, this plan can help remove some of the barriers to losing weight.

This is not a fad diet! This is a lifestyle program that we are thrilled to help you begin. Our Four Step program includes dietary interventions that are customized to each person’s individual needs. We will also look at other hormones including your thyroid which may be involved in metabolic challenges during weight loss efforts.

There are both omnivorous and vegetarian plans available.

In addition to this, we coach patients to engage in a modest exercise program, lifestyle modifications and targeted supplementation. Every step of the program involves tracking your progress and making sure that you are moving towards your goals!

What to Expect

Each of our Naturopathic Doctors are trained in the Food Insulin Demand Nutrition Program. When visiting any of our practitioners the outline of the program remains the same.

First Naturopathic Visit (1 ½ hour)

Second Naturopathic Visit (45 minutes)

Third Naturopathic Visit (30 minutes)

Fourth Naturopathic Visit (30 minutes)

Fifth Naturopathic Visit (30 minutes)

Achieving a Healthy Metabolism

This program marks the start of your journey towards reversing insulin resistance! This four appointment framework will provide you with the information that you need to become empowered in your health, and begin to see great results! Follow up appointments after this program has ceased are encouraged, although the frequency of those appointments will be dictated by your individual needs.

Finally, congratulations on taking the first step to prioritizing your help by considering this program. We can’t wait to take you along the journey!