How to get the most out of your appointment

Your first visit with one of our Naturopaths is 90 minutes long, giving us plenty of time to go through your case in great detail. Please bring a list of the supplements and medications you are currently taking. If you have them, it’s very helpful to bring along any medical test results (either conventional or naturopathic) that you may have done in the past.We encourage you to fill in your patient forms ahead of time rather than in the clinic, to allow you enough time to answer them completely. When you book your appointment you’ll receive a welcome email with your intake forms attached. If you have not filled in your forms before your visit, please arrive 20 mins early for a naturopathic visit as the forms may take some time to fill in.

During the first visit, you will be able to fully discuss any health concerns you wish to work on with your naturopath, and we will review your health in great detail. We will typically give you the first stage of the naturopathic treatment plan on this visit. For many patients, further laboratory testing may also be recommended so that we can learn more about your body and how it works.

Testing included in your first Naturopathic Visit

Tests may vary slightly depending on your individual health concerns.

Please see our lab testing page for more information on other lab testing we offer. These tests have additional costs and may or may not be recommended depending on your case.

Setting your Appointment With a Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic visits are by appointment only, as we do not usually accept walk in patients. Please call our office at (416) 730-8218 or arrange by our contact us section for your appointment. You soon will receive a reply via email or telephone from one of our admin staff. They will be more than happy to answer any questions and provide you with any information you require before booking your appointment.

Our clinic offers weekday, evening and Saturday appointments to accommodate your schedule. We look forward to hearing from you!