What makes our clinic different

We believe in conventional medical care and always welcome collaboration and communication according to your preference with your other practitioners.  We are not a substitution for conventional medicine, rather we work as part of your health care team.

As part of our personalized approach to your health, we spend around one and a half hours with you on your first visit going over your concerns and learning about your health goals. This longer visit time helps give us a good look at your physical, biochemical, and mental/emotional health as well as an understanding of your lifestyle, culture and unique needs. Followup visits are also longer than typical, between 30-60 minutes depending on your case.

Except in complex cases where a lot of laboratory investigation must be done before commencing, we can usually begin your treatment plan on the first visit.

We use Evidence-Based Nutritional and Natural Therapies

We use science-based approaches including clinical nutrition, lifestyle counseling, and botanical medicine. We are constantly researching, looking for new studies to apply to our naturopathic practice and are always updating the care we provide according to developments in nutritional science.

We also love to share information, and are active in publishing articles and presenting new research to other naturopaths and health care professionals. We also blog regularly to provide you with quality up-to-date information.

We Never Prescribe Supplements or Testing That you Don’t Need

Our dispensary is for patient use only, and is provided as a convenient, and fairly priced way for you to access professional quality products. You are never obligated to purchase supplements from us, ever! Your level of comfort and care is our number one priority.