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Best Ever You Show with Elizabeth Hamilton

I spoke with the phenomenally talented Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino on Best Ever You about PCOS.  Elizabeth is passionate about getting the word out about this condition and we talked about hormones, insulin and perimenopause and how PCOS and insulin resistance influence a woman’s health through the entire lifespan. Thanks for having me on the show Elizabeth!

November 22, 2016

Dr Rebecca Risk Podcast - Reverse Your PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome -PCOS- affects 116 million women worldwide. It is a hormone disorder causing a variety of symptoms including infertility, weight gain, irregular menstrual cycles, acne, facial hair and hair loss. The symptoms may vary from woman to woman, and the treatment for such a complicated syndrome can be confusing. In her book “8 Steps To Reverse Your PCOS”, Dr. Fiona McCulloch, N.D. lays out and easy to follow, step by step plan to naturally control and reverse this syndrome.

September 12, 2016

Episode 45 - Autoimmune Disease and Fertility | Thyroid Health | MTHFR Gene Mutation

Thanks so much to Lisa for asking me to appear on Fertility Friday, an amazing weekly podcast on a variety of fertility topics. I was honoured to be on the show!

During the show, we talk about the connection between autoimmune disease and fertility, and some of the ways that these conditions can be treated naturally to improve fertility and help women conceive naturally!

October 7, 2015

Phoenix Helix - Autoimmune Infertility

A podcast on autoimmunity and infertility with Eileen Laird of Phoenix Helix.  This is full of details on the relationship between the immune system and the reproductive system, and includes some inspiring case stories! If you have autoimmune disease and infertility this is definitely for you!

We discuss TH1, TH2 and the newer TH17 immune issues in this podcast.

March 5, 2015

Dr Fiona McCulloch in print

Nutrional Approaches to Recover from PCOS

The female body is equipped with the power to create new life out of just a few microscopic cells. But along with that comes many physical burdens. It’s difficult to maintain the complex and delicate web of internal processes that turns zygotes into infants. Women can struggle with multitudinous health problems like menstrual irregularities; pelvic floor disorders; pregnancy complications; ovarian and cervical cancers; and one of the most prevalent issues, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

November 11, 2016

Example Guest Blog Posts

Fact Based Health - The Food Insulin Index, PCOS and Metabolic Health

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome also known as PCOS affects an estimated 7 million women in the USA alone and is the most common hormonal condition in women. Although it’s always been thought of as a reproductive health concern, it’s actually a complex condition that not only affects a woman’s ability to ovulate or conceive, but has powerful effects on a woman’s metabolism and weight. It’s much harder to lose weight if you have PCOS, and also far easier to gain fat. Women with the condition tend to carry weight around their abdomen, and have increased risks for type two diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease — even after menopause.

November 24, 2016

Interview with with Coveteur on Birth Control

It’s 2016. And one of the most important issues of today for women, especially after being thwarted into the spotlight in light of political outcomes, is birth control. Now more than ever, we’re thinking about and reconsidering the best form of contraceptive for us (because each one of us is different, with different needs). But whether or not the election is the catalyst for why you’re deciding to switch to an IUD or stop taking the pill altogether, or it’s about your health, or you’re thinking about having a baby, we wanted to give you a few facts. So we consulted a doctor (as you should too, before making any changes), Dr. Fiona McCulloch, N.D., to find out what we can expect when deciding to go off the pill.

November 17, 2016

Chicago Woman Interview - PCOS: Identifying and Healing the Most Common Hormonal Condition in Women

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome, is the most common hormonal condition in women, affecting an estimated 10-15% of all women or 7 million women in the USA alone. I talked with Chicago Woman Magazine to help their audience learn which are the important symptoms to look out for.


October 3, 2016

Epoch Times Interview - Diet and Exercise Are Key to Reversing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Her upcoming book, “8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS: A Proven Program to Reset Your Hormones, Repair Your Metabolism and Restore Your Fertility” discusses the science behind the condition, the tests used to identify it, and the variety of treatment options available for women struggling to find relief. 

Epoch Times talked to McCulloch about her own experience with PCOS, the importance of diet and exercise in treating the condition, and why many women don’t know they have it. 

August 12, 2016

Consulted by Reader's digest - 8 Silent Signs You Have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

8 PCOS Symptoms Every Woman Should KnowAbout 7 million U.S. women have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which results when excess insulin increases the production of androgens (male hormones). It’s the most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age—as many as one in 10 will develop PCOS—yet shockingly, it’s estimated that more than half don’t know they have it. “I see women regularly who’ve remained undiagnosed their entire lives,” says Fiona McCulloch, ND, a naturopathic doctor in Toronto and author of the forthcoming book 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS. That’s scary, considering that PCOS is linked to diabetes (one recent study from Monash University in Australia showed that women with PCOS—even if they’re young and not overweight—are five times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes) and heart disease, the leading killer of women. Being treated for PCOS can safeguard your life, so it’s important to recognize PCOS symptoms, which can vary from woman to woman. Here are some of the most common.

August 12, 2016

Hypothyrid Mom - PCOS and Thyroid Health

Dana Trentini is an activist who focuses on thyroid health, and in particular has an interest in the impact of thyroid health on women of childbearing age.   She asked me to contribute a post to her blog on the topic of PCOS and hypothyroidism.  I had read many times about this interesting connection, however I wondered if there was new research that may have been released.  As such, I dove deep into my favourite resource, “PubMed” to see what might be out there.

This comprehensive post is a great way to learn about the specific details of the relationship between PCOS and thyroid disease. Please share – it contains important information for women of reproductive age!

March 12, 2014

Natural Fertility and Wellness - 9 Ways to Have a More Natural IVF cycle

Donielle’s blog  is based on natural fertility, and whole foods, so this post is about how to make an IVF cycle more friendly to those of us who prefer to use natural medicine rather than drugs.

June 6, 2013