Treatment – Environmental Toxicity Support

This educational program provides you with updated information on minimizing your exposure to environmental toxins as well as how toxins are processed through phase 1 and 2 of the liver. Reducing environmental toxin exposure is especially important prior to conception, as many environmental toxins can affect the fetus in key phases of reproductive and brain development. Understanding toxicity is also important when looking at preventing chronic disease.

Elements of this Program:

  • Learn how to follow a clean, whole-foods diet with minimal exposure to toxins found in common foods.
  • Learn which nutrients and antioxidants support the crucial liver enzyme pathways that remove environmental toxins.
  • Learn how to ensure good elimination of waste through the colon with fibre, good hydration, and support for the microbiome.
  • Learn how exercise plays a key role in protecting your body from toxic exposure
  • Learn practical tips to minimize overall exposure to common sources of environmental toxins

How Often and for How Long?

Detoxification is not something unusual, and it’s not something that you should do every so often – there’s no way to “cleanse” your liver over the period of a week or a couple of days – rather, this program is about assessing your current and ongoing exposure and determining the best way to reduce this and protect your health.Your liver, kidneys, and intestines are constantly involved in removing toxins, or you would die – the goal is to identify sources of toxicity, reduce those sources, protect the body from toxic effects and support the elimination pathways on an ongoing basis.

Our Naturopathic Doctors can also conduct accurate environmental toxicity testing, to determine levels of current exposure to heavy metals, or persistent environmental pollutants and plastics. 

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