About Our Women’s Health Program

Our NDs are quite familiar with and have a strong focus on all women’s health conditions.

We have supported the unique health needs of thousands of women’s through adolescence, young adulthood, pregnancy and post-partum, perimenopause and after menopause.

Women’s Health Clinic Offering Naturopathic Treatments Toronto

Naturopathic Women's Health: How it Works

The first visit for women’s health is 90 minutes long, which will include a full health assessment by your naturopathic doctor. After taking an extensive history if we need more information we may suggest lab tests that are typically carried out before your next visit to the clinic.

Hormonal conditions are complex and interrelated. We use laboratory testing to understand the true nature of hormonal imbalances so we can correct hormones in relationship to each other.

Our NDs also have a deep knowledge of the hormonal cycles in women and what levels should be at different times. Knowing WHEN to test is as important as knowing WHAT to test, when it comes to hormones! The right testing eliminates guessing and helps patients achieve their goals.

At the end of your first visit, you’ll receive the first stage of your treatment plan including diet suggestions/meal plans, lifestyle counseling, botanical medicine, supplements, and lifestyle suggestions.

Our prescribing NDs also offer bio-identical hormone therapy including NDT (Thyroid), Progesterone and Estrogen formulations to address various hormonal needs.

For women looking to support their pregnancy health, our naturopathic pregnancy and birth program can optimize health for both yourself and baby, and prepare your body for labour.

Our Doctors who are taking New Patients for Women's Health

Dr Kelly Clinning

Articles on Women's Health

Erica Nikiforuk ND

Vitamin D and PCOS: The Essential Nutrient

Dr. Erica does an evidence based review of Vitamin D and it’s importance for women with PCOS. Learn the most updated information on why Vitamin D is needed for insulin resistance, inflammation and hormonal regulation for the most common endocrine disorder in women!

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Immune System
Fiona McCulloch ND

Gluten causes Leptin Resistance

Gluten has been linked to a 50% increase in leptin resistance at concentrations found in human blood after eating a typical gluten-containing meal. If you are trying to lose weight its crucial to eliminate gluten or it will likely be a stumbling block to progress.

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Fiona McCulloch ND

Folic Acid and Folate – What’s the Difference?

Learn more in this comprehensive article explaining the difference between folate and folic acid. MTHFR is the mutation that causes a reduction in the conversion of synthetic folic acid to folate, causing difficulty in its utilization. Up to 40% of people have a mutation in MTHFR, rendering them less likely to use folate. This post was written for women with PCOS however the details included will be helpful for all women of all ages who are interested in nutrition.

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Women's Health
Fiona McCulloch ND

Maca for Depression in Women

Depression is a common condition that many women will experience at one point in their lives. It’s common to experience depression around times of hormonal shifts, such as menopause, premenstrually, or postpartum. Many women do not want to use anti-depressants, or hormone based drugs to treat. There may be a new herbal alternative to address hormonally mediated depression in women.

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