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White Lotus Clinic medical director and founder, Dr Fiona McCulloch

Dr. Fiona McCulloch is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Registered Acupuncturist. She has a special interest in fertility, women’s health, PCOS and hormone health. Dr. Fiona is involved in research, and has authored an amazon best seller, 8 Steps to Revers your PCOS (selling over 29 thousand copies) as well as major research-based articles to advance practitioner knowledge in this field.

She was the original author of the White Lotus blog and has written quite a few articles both here and elsewhere on the web.

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General Health
Fiona McCulloch ND

AMH Levels – What They Mean and What They Don’t

AMH or Antimullerian Hormone levels can be useful when trying to understand fertility, PCOS and early perimenopause.

Results from AMH testing can also be confusing and stressful if the levels are misunderstood or taken out of context. Let’s take a look at how can use AMH testing to understand more about PCOS, Fertility, Perimenopause and Hormones.

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Cholesterol and Thyroid Link
Fiona McCulloch ND

Thyroid and Cholesterol Link Confirmed Via Genetic Analysis

At the clinic, we often see that thyroid hormones and cholesterol/lipid levels are strongly linked in our patients.

Clinical studies have shown in the past that treating patients with thyroid hormones can improve cholesterol levels. However, it has never been clear that suboptimal thyroid hormone levels were directly responsible for causing high cholesterol since so many other factors are involved when a patient is hypothyroid.

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