Dr. Sarah Wilson, BSc. ND

Dr Sarah has left for maternity leave and will not be returning.  We will miss her very much, but she has moved out of the Toronto area and is no longer one of our doctors.  Dr Kelly Clinning ND is immediately available in her absence and also has a prescribing license.

Toronto Naturopath | Energy | Women’s Health | Digestion | Dr. Sarah Wilson BSc ND

Dr. Sarah has an incredible passion for evidence based natural medicine that was ignited along her own healing journey. Expanding on this, Sarah further developed her passions while working in a Nutrition and Obesity research lab at the University of Guelph.

Dr. Sarah has several publications in the International Journal of Obesity and Journal of Ginseng Research. She continues to expand on her knowledge of the medical literature with her positions at Ferring Natural Health and Wellesley Therapeutics, where she researches and educates clinicians on topics of digestive health and immunology.

Clinical Interests

Dr. Sarah’s clinical interests have developed from her research experience, as well as her internship training in the conditions of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. She has taken these experiences and applied them to the treatment of stress and energy production, metabolic issueswomen’s health, and digestive health. Sarah believes strongly that when patients are educated, empowered and supported they can achieve their greatest health goals!For more information on Dr. Sarah’s approach to treatment, her personal story and quizzes click HERE!

A Sneak Peak into Dr. Sarah’s Life

Sarah is an obsessive lifetime learner, and has goals of becoming a prolific writer! When Sarah is not seeing patients, researching or sharing her knowledge, she loves to be outdoors, explore farmers’ markets and keep active (because she admittedly can’t sit still for long)! More than anything though, Sarah loves to be connected to her friends and family, without whom she could not be the person, or practitioner that she is today!