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Thyroid Antibodies: Measuring Autoimmunity

The thyroid gland is the master of our metabolism. It controls the production of ATP, our fuel source, and therefore impacts every system within the body if it is not functioning optimally. In conditions of hypothyroidism, we see T4 and T3 hormones lower and TSH rise. In conditions of hyperthyroidism, we see T4 and T3 hormones rise …

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Antioxidants and Female Fertility. New Evidence

A new study was released from Harvard Vanguard/Boston IVF recently which provided some interesting insight into the role of 3 different antioxidants on female fertility. The study investigated Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta carotene, and found distinct differences between the three and time to pregnancy. It also determined that these antioxidants had differing effects based on body mass index and age.

Thyroid and Fertility Seminar | Naturopathic Thyroid Info

I provided a seminar to approximately 2000 people on the topic of the Thyroid and Fertility as part of the Joyfully Pregnant Natural Fertility Summit. I covered many important topics, including how the thyroid affects ability to conceive, and the ability to maintain early pregnancy. I also covered in great detail Hashimoto’s disease, the Thyroid and the Adrenal connection, Testing for thyroid, Iodine testing and many more important topics! Recordings of the summit are available to purchase online.

Natural Treatments for Autoimmune Infertility Concerns | Naturopathic Immunology

Here is my article on naturopathic treatments for autoimmune infertility which was published in the March 2011 NDNR Journal. Read Part 2 of this article here. I’m in the last few days of my pregnancy and so on the eve of my little one’s arrival I wanted to post an article which has touched me personally as my …

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Thyroid and Fertility

Thyroid problems are extremely common, and because they can be asymptomatic, it can be difficult to know if a condition is present.  The thyroid is absolutely essential for healthy fertility.  Dysfunction can cause ovulatory disorders, menstrual irregularity, and recurrent miscarriage.  The thyroid gland is key to support ovarian function. If thyroid function is low, the …

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Top Fertility Tests for Women: An Integrative Medicine Perspective

Top Fertility tests :  A Quick Reference for Women from an Integrative Medicine Perspective FSH – Follicle Stimulating Hormone Day 3 FSH can indicate how hard the pituitary is working to stimulate the ovaries.  Though traditionally a higher FSH is given a poor prognosis, I don’t always see it this way clinically.  The FSH can very much …

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