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Cholesterol and Thyroid Link
Fiona McCulloch ND

Thyroid and Cholesterol Link Confirmed Via Genetic Analysis

At the clinic, we often see that thyroid hormones and cholesterol/lipid levels are strongly linked in our patients.

Clinical studies have shown in the past that treating patients with thyroid hormones can improve cholesterol levels. However, it has never been clear that suboptimal thyroid hormone levels were directly responsible for causing high cholesterol since so many other factors are involved when a patient is hypothyroid.

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Erica Nikiforuk ND

Recurrent Miscarriages: Evaluation and Testing to Prevent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent pregnancy loss, or repeated miscarriages are devastating and challenging to treat. There are numerous causes so a full work-up should be completed to gain clarity into the underlying cause and treat appropriately. We present an evidence-based review of current information in this field of reproductive medicine.

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Thyroid and Fertility, Thyroid and Pregnancy
Fiona McCulloch ND

Thyroid and Fertility, Thyroid and Pregnancy | Infographic

We at White Lotus have created this infographic to detail the effects of the Thyroid on Fertility. We hope that you will share it and also that it helps provide some interesting information on the important of Thyroid health in Fertility. We have also included naturopathic information including nutrient requirements of iodine, foods rich in selenium and iodine, and information on the effects of heavy metals, environmental agents and even stress on the function of the thyroid gland.

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