Thyroid Antibodies: Measuring Autoimmunity

The thyroid gland is the master of our metabolism. It controls the production of ATP, our fuel source, and therefore impacts every system within the …

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Egg Quality, and How It’s Affected by Thyroid Hormones

New studies show a link between thyroid hormones, and healthy oocyte (egg) development.

abdominal fat, belly fat, selenium and belly fat, selenium levels, low selenium

Selenium’s Role in Abdominal Fat Storage

Even if you are otherwise healthy, carrying excess weight around your belly is risky. Extra abdominal fat is linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, among other health concerns.

How Estrogen Levels Affect Thyroid Hormone Test Results

A recent study has given us interesting insights into how thyroid hormone test levels are affected by timing in a woman’s monthly cycle. 55 women …

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vitamin D, vitamin D deficiency, vitamin D and PCOS, Hashimoto's

Vitamin D Deficiency, PCOS, and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

A recent study was done on women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) who also have a vitamin D deficiency. The study found that these women …

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Recurrent Miscarriages: Evaluation and Testing to Prevent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent pregnancy loss, or repeated miscarriages are devastating and challenging to treat. There are numerous causes so a full work-up should be completed to gain clarity into the underlying cause and treat appropriately. We present an evidence-based review of current information in this field of reproductive medicine.

Prescribing License – Dessicated Thyroid

Dr. Fiona has passed her prescribing exam and is now licensed to prescribe dessicated/Erfa thyroid and bio-identical hormones.

Webinar PCOS Ovulation

Treating Ovulatory Disorders with Evidence Based Natural Medicine

Dr. Fiona McCulloch presents a 4 hour educational webinar on Pro-D Seminars on the topic of ovulatory disorders and evidence-based natural medicine. She goes through how to differentiate the most common ovulatory disorders with lab tests and then details the most effective therapies for each condition.

Hair Loss in Women Natural Treatment

Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Natural Treatments : Part 1

An examination of the nutritional and hormonal causes of hair loss in women, along with natural treatments. Part 1 of a 2 part series.

Fertility Friday Podcast Autoimmunity, MTHFR and Thyroid

A one hour podcast on the topic of autoimmune infertility and the effect of the thyroid on fertility. We also cover the topic of MTHFR. Thanks to Lisa Hendrickson-Jacks for inviting me to appear on Fertility Friday! It was an honour.