Unexplained Infertility

Here at the clinic, we see many patients coming in with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility. We actually don’t accept this as a true diagnosis: unexplained infertility simply means that the answer hasn’t been found for you yet.

Many times, the right tests haven’t been run, or your case hasn’t been examined in enough detail. We’ve worked with thousands of patients with unexplained infertility and have been able to determine factors involved in their inability to conceive that have not been turned up before. Knowing the questions to ask and the tests to run can identify the important factors to address – allowing you to finally take the steps needed to conceive.

Some potential causes for unexplained infertility are

Overall, we have been able to determine causes in nearly every case of unexplained infertility we have seen due to the amount of time we spend analyzing every detail of your case, and the years of experience we’ve had working with patients with fertility concerns. Let us take a look at your case – you may be surprised that your case is actually NOT unexplained!