progesterone and miscarriage

Progesterone and Recurrent Miscarriages

Currently, in Canada, a thorough workup into the cause of a pregnancy loss isn’t recommended until a woman experiences three or more miscarriages. Recurrent miscarriages are estimated to occur in 1-1.5% of the population, and are defined as three or more pregnancy losses before 20 weeks 1. The trauma of experiencing one miscarriage—let alone three—is …

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Thyroid Antibodies: Measuring Autoimmunity

The thyroid gland is the master of our metabolism. It controls the production of ATP, our fuel source, and therefore impacts every system within the body if it is not functioning optimally. In conditions of hypothyroidism, we see T4 and T3 hormones lower and TSH rise. In conditions of hyperthyroidism, we see T4 and T3 hormones rise …

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PCOS During Menopause

Although PCOS has long been considered a women’s reproductive issue and infertility condition, it’s so much more than that.  It’s a complex endocrine disorder that affects the entire body for life, in numerous ways. A lot of people are under the assumption that it can be cured by a hysterectomy, or that it’ll disappear once …

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