The Relationship Between Gut Health and Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory condition characterized by endometrial-like tissue found outside the uterus. This tissue is commonly found on the ovaries, and is described as a “chocolate cyst” on ultrasound. It can also be found on the uterine ligaments, in the colon, and throughout the abdominal cavity. It can even be found on the …

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Bile Acids in PCOS

Bile Acids as a Hormonal Factor in PCOS

A study was recently conducted on circulating bile acids in women with PCOS. This is the very first study [1] of its kind, and involved 37 women with PCOS matched to women without the condition. Researchers measured conjugated bile acids, and these were found to be elevated in patients with PCOS.  Additionally, high bile acid levels were also …

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PCOS Infertility

PCOS and Infertility

Learn about what causes PCOS infertility, and how to address it with standard and naturopathic treatment options.

Bacterial vaginosis

Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis and the Vaginal Microbiome

In this article, we delve into what the vaginal microbiome is, and how important it is to the root cause of recurrent bacterial vaginosis.


Female Pattern Hair Loss and the Hair Microbiome

Around 40-50% of women will develop Androgenetic alopecia: female pattern hair loss. A recent study examined excess testosterone’s role in this issue.

Intermittent fasting for PCOS

Intermittent Fasting for PCOS

Intermittent fasting has a surprising impact on insulin levels and inflammatory markers, making it an effective treatment option in women with PCOS.

The Circadian Rhythm of Fat Cells

In PCOS, fat cell dysfunction is a major, integral part of inflammation and insulin resistance. Interestingly, a new study is the first to discover circadian rhythms in human fat cells. In simplest terms, this means that our metabolism changes over the course of the day, as well as during the night. Participants with relatively normal circadian rhythms …

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progesterone and miscarriage

Progesterone and Recurrent Miscarriages

Currently, in Canada, a thorough workup into the cause of a pregnancy loss isn’t recommended until a woman experiences three or more miscarriages. Recurrent miscarriages are estimated to occur in 1-1.5% of the population, and are defined as three or more pregnancy losses before 20 weeks 1. The trauma of experiencing one miscarriage—let alone three—is …

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Thyroid Antibodies: Measuring Autoimmunity

The thyroid gland is the master of our metabolism. It controls the production of ATP, our fuel source, and therefore impacts every system within the body if it is not functioning optimally. In conditions of hypothyroidism, we see T4 and T3 hormones lower and TSH rise. In conditions of hyperthyroidism, we see T4 and T3 hormones rise …

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The Connection Between the Liver, Bile, and the Brain Adrenal (HPA) Axis

Discover how having a “sluggish” liver can disrupt adrenal function, metabolism, and more.