2023 Updated PCOS International Guidelines

It was such an honour to be on the provider review panel for these with @pcoschallenge and to see that our work has really made a difference.

These guidelines were informed by 6000 pages of evidence, and a coordinated group of experts, researchers, healthcare providers and patients with lived experience with PCOS.

This was a lot of work, and I am so very grateful to everyone involved who volunteered their time and expertise!

We all know there is much more work to do , but this is a major step forward.

Clinicians use these guidelines to care for patients with PCOS – knowing they are a trusted source of evidence-based information they can read and implement.

It is critical that guidelines are accurate as many doctors don’t have much experience with PCOS. The way to change treatment on a bigger scale is through research and guidelines!

To read the updated guidelines click here!