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Toronto Naturopathic Doctors for PCOS, Thyroid and Fertility

Toronto Naturopathic Clinic Focused on Women's Health, Thyroid and Fertility

Get the latest in natural medicine for women’s health, hormone balance, pcos, thyroid, fertility and metabolic issues.   Our naturopathic practice in Toronto offers supportive and compassionate care led by lab testing and constant research.

Founded by naturopathic doctor, author and educator Dr Fiona McCulloch in 2001, White Lotus Clinic’s 4 licensed Naturopathic Doctors offer over 30 years of clinical experience collectively.

Naturopathic Doctors with a Special Interest in:

We care deeply about women’s health and offer many years of experience treating conditions including:

About 1 in 5 of our patient cases have a primary focus on fertility concerns including:

Science based natural protocols, directed by labs

Lab testing is integral to diagnosis and can create significant insight into health conditions. Our NDs use functional lab ranges in our protocols that are best for optimal health, and often pick up causes that may have been missed in the past. Labs are a great way to take the guesswork out of treatment and save you time on your journey back to health. Read more about our areas of focus below.

Metabolic Health, Insulin Resistance and Stubborn Weight Loss Problems

We treat many patients struggling with conditions that are directly linked to insulin resistance (high levels of insulin). These include:

Insulin resistance is very common but almost impossible to see with standard lab tests. Our NDs understand how to detect insulin resistance, and can support healthy insulin levels through dietary counseling and natural medicine.

Hi, I'm Dr Fiona McCulloch ND

I’m the founder and medical director of White Lotus Integrative Medicine, a Naturopathic Clinic in Toronto and the author of the a best-selling book, 8 Steps to Reverse your PCOS.  I’ve designed our clinic with collaboration at its heart: Our team of licensed Naturopathic Doctors work together closely to share research, clinical experience and protocols so that you get the same level of care  no matter who you see in the practice.  Click here to learn more about how we work together!

Immune System
Fiona McCulloch ND

Gluten causes Leptin Resistance

Gluten has been linked to a 50% increase in leptin resistance at concentrations found in human blood after eating a typical gluten-containing meal. If you are trying to lose weight its crucial to eliminate gluten or it will likely be a stumbling block to progress.

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Fiona McCulloch ND

14 Signs that You Might Have PCOS

PCOS is undiagnosed in 50% of women. Do you wonder if you might have this common condition? Here are the 12 signs to look for to determine if this imbalance may be happening in YOUR body.

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Fiona McCulloch ND

N-Acetyl Cysteine for PCOS Egg Quality and Healthy Ovaries

N-Acetyl cysteine is one of the most beneficial nutrients for ovary health. It improves insulin sensitivity and glutathione levels. This study really broke it down by looking at women going through IVF and compared outcomes of those using NAC, to placebo, to Metformin, and to a combination of NAC and Metformin.

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Fiona McCulloch ND

Glutathione – The Master Antioxidant for Fertility, and For PCOS

Glutathione is arguably the most important antioxidant in our bodies. It protects the ovaries from damage, for women who are in their later reproductive years, and also for women with PCOS. Learn more about how to increase the levels of this important antioxidant in your ovaries to improve fertility, ovulation and overall health.

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