Patient FAQs

Our COVID-19 Safety Practices and Policies are located here.

Telemedicine FAQs

Yes we do! We offer both phone and video telemedicine consultations to patients located in Ontario at the time of the appointment. 

We also offer in-person appointments at our Toronto Clinic. These are currently limited by the pandemic to specific needs such as acupuncture.

Due to regulations in Ontario – we can see any patient who is located in Ontario at the time of the telemedicine visit. 

Please visit our Telemedicine information page to learn all of the details about how our telemedicine consultations work.

Your credit card that was provided at the time of booking will be charged, and you will be emailed an official receipt. If for some reason your card is no longer valid, we will send you an electronic payment request! We also accept e-transfer payments.

Your Naturopathic Doctor will often screen-share your treatment plan during your visit so you can discuss and ask any questions you may have. By the end of the working day (typically by the evening) your ND will finalize your treatment plan and will email you a notification that allows you to download your plan.

 Your plan is stored in the Jane App system so you can log in and grab another copy anytime that you need.

For telemedicine visits,  your Naturopathic Doctor will provide a list of lab tests in your treatment plan.

Please email our front desk team and let them know which tests you need. You can then pay online and you’ll receive a lab requisition by email to take to the local lab of your choice.

You can order any supplements or products from our online store Shipping within Ontario is $5.00 and we ship orders daily via Canada Post. 

Prescriptions FAQ

Dr. Fiona, Dr. Samina and Dr. Kelly are able to prescribe dessicated thyroid and bio-identical hormones (progesterone and estrogen) for patients of the clinic. They have completed additional certification in prescribing in order to do so.

We are happy to provide refills on prescriptions between visits. Due to the large number of requests we are charging a $20 administration fee for all in-between visit refills. This is because your Naturopathic Doctor must review your chart for each refill signed.

We also require you to book a follow-up visit at the clinic annually in order to continue your refills. This is to ensure the safety of your prescription over time as health needs often change.

In Toronto there are many wonderful options when it comes to pharmacies. If you are taking NDT (Erfa) Thyroid then you can typically fill your prescription at any pharmacy.

For Bio-Identical hormone therapy, you’ll generally need to visit a compounding pharmacy. This is a special type of pharmacy that makes custom and natural products for patients. This will typically be the pharmacy you’ll need if you are filling a prescription for progesterone, or estrogen.

Some local compounding pharmacies are:

  • Origins Pharmacy
  • York Down Pharmacy
  • Haber’s Pharmacy
  • Hooper’s Pharmacy
  • Smith’s Pharmacy
  • The Organic Compounding Pharmacy

Supplements FAQ

You can order any supplements or products from our online store Shipping within Ontario is $5.00 and we ship orders Tuesday to Friday via Canada Post. 

Unfortunately, no. Our store is for patient use only. 

Your ND will always prescribe specifically for you. In Canada supplement labels are required to include a suggested dose. However, as supplements can be used for multiple purposes at multiple dosage ranges what is on the label may not apply to you. Always follow your Naturopathic Doctor’s suggestion as it is specific to your individual needs. 

Our Naturopathic Doctors suggest only professional quality supplement brands that are tested to ensure purity. These brands typically contain the most effective forms and amounts of nutrients and concentrated high quality botanical extracts.

The brands of supplements we recommend follow comprehensive GMP guidelines which are considered the gold standard for supplement production and quality control. Our clinic’s CytoFem brand is a professional-use only, private-label GMP certified product that is held to the same exceptionally high quality control standards as other professional lines.


Laboratory Testing FAQs

We offer two main branches of laboratory testing:
  1. Testing through Ontario labs, such as Lifelabs. For these tests we will provide you with a requisition, and you can have your blood drawn at a lab nearby to your home or work.

  2. Specialized testing through International and Canadian Labs (ie: Organic Acids, Parasitology, Comprehensive Stool Analysis, Salivary Hormones, Urinary Hormone Metabolites, Food Sensitivities).

For specialized labs you’ll receive a kit by mail or at the clinic. If the kit requires a blood draw, Lifelabs will provide the blood draw. Many kits involve self-collection of urine or stool at home and come with pre-paid mailers.

None of our tests are covered by OHIP. In some cases, private insurance may reimburse some or part of lab fees. As each insurance provider is different, please call to determine your level of coverage for labs, if any.

To purchase labs, please email or call the front desk and they will send you pricing and a payment request. You’ll then receive a lab requisition by email.

Once your sample is processed, the labs send your results to the clinic. You’ll receive an email notification from us once they are ready for you to view in Jane App.

Please book an appointment in order to discuss your lab results with your Naturopathic Doctor. 

When you fill in your intake form, you can also print our records release form which you can provide to your physician’s office. This will give their office permission to fax your records or results to our office. You will receive an email from our administration team to notify you that your records have been received.

If you have personal lab results or medical records that you wish to provide to your Naturopathic Doctor, please send them to our administration team so that they can be uploaded to your patient file.

FAX: 1-888-688-2028


Patients are unfortunately not able to upload their own results to their online patient file as of yet.

If you have test results and would like your ND to review them, please book a followup so that you can discuss the interpretation of results and the different treatment options available to you.

Feel free to contact our front desk at any time to set up a follow-up consultation!

We can only provide lab testing to patients, under Ontario regulations.

General FAQ

We require 24 hours notice to change or cancel appointments. Your time has been reserved just for you and other patients may be waiting for an opening. The full visit fee will be charged to the credit card that you have provided for cancellations without 24 hours notice. A new patient booking requires 72 hours notice of cancellation.

Our naturopathic doctors do their absolute best to be on time for every appointment. However, there may be certain situations that arise where your ND may be running a few minutes behind –we suggest not booking anything directly after your scheduled appointment with us to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

We do not have any reserved parking spots at the clinic. There are several Green P meters conveniently located on Willowdale Avenue right outside of our building. There are also free parking options on some local streets in the area surrounding the clinic. You can find a detailed page including directions to our clinic and a map here.

If clarification around your current treatment plan is needed directly after your visit, we appreciate if your email is kept to one or two lines. For all other questions, new health problems or if you have not had an appointment recently, we kindly ask that you hold them until your next scheduled appointment as most treatments require a back-and-forth discussion. 

All emails come through the front desk administration team at Your question will be forwarded to your ND from there.

We accept many distance patients by Telemedicine throughout the province of Ontario due to our special interest.

We are able to serve distance patients only if you are in province of Ontario at the time of the appointment.

Billing FAQ

Naturopathic Medicine is not covered by OHIP. 

Consultations are often covered by extended health insurance plans. Please contact your insurance provider to confirm your coverage.

For telemedicine visits, once your appointment is complete, your credit card on file will be charged, and you will be emailed an official receipt. We also accept e-transfer.

For In-Person visits, you can pay with your card on file, credit card, debit, cash or e-transfer.

Currently we provide patients with an official receipt. You must submit this to your insurance provider for reimbursement. This is quite a simple process due to online options allowing you to submit your receipts! 

The clinic is also currently looking into direct billing as it has recently become available to Naturopathic Doctors.