Toronto Weight Loss Clinic - Naturopathic Weight Management

If you are interested not only in losing weight, but also in understanding the cause of your weight gain, then you are in the right place! Although diet plays an important role in weight loss many of you who have started on your weight loss journey are disappointed with the results that a general diet can provide. This is because many factors are at play controlling your metabolism.

The Three (+1) Steps in our Naturopathic Weight Loss Program:

We address any hormonal, metabolic or lifestyle factors involved in your case to help you to lose fat, gain strength and achieve your goals faster than you could on your own.

First Naturopathic Visit (90 minutes)​

During the first visit of your program, you will be prescribed a customized diet protocol that will help to decrease your inflammation, balance blood sugar and reduce consumption processed foods. Throughout this first consultation we will also have a thorough discussion about your health history, and any other symptoms that you may be experiencing.  A physical examination will also be done to check your vitals, body mass index, body fat, and waist to height ratio.

During this appointment appropriate supplementation will be discussed. Testing may also be recommended to quantify insulin dysregulation and pinpoint any adrenal or thyroid conditions.

Second Naturopathic Visit (30 minutes)

During the second naturopathic weight loss program visit you and your doctor will thoroughly review the results of your lab work. Based on these results your nutrition plan will be further customized to meet your specific metabolic and hormonal needs. These results oriented alterations to your plan are key to optimize your fat loss and build lean tissue. Our naturopathic weight loss nutritional programs can accommodate a variety of different dietary preferences, including vegan, vegetarian, paleo, low fat and gluten/grain free. There is something for everyone with these delicious, tested recipes that are simple and easy to prepare!

During the second naturopathic weight loss program visit, we’ll also prescribe customized supplements which will curb cravings, balance your blood sugar and boost your fat loss.

Third Naturopathic Visit (30 minutes)

The third visit of this program is critical to fine tune your approach, and to keep you on track! In this appointment your measurements will be reassessed to ensure that you are on the path to meet your goals. Additionally, should any fine tuning of your program need to occur, such as changes to your supplements or your specific macronutrient ratio, it will occur in the third visit.

Naturopathic Reassessment Visit (30 minutes)

Although this visit is technically an addition to the weight loss program it is critical if your goal is ongoing weight loss, weight maintenance or to overcome a weight loss plateau.

This visit will generally occur 3 months after beginning the Naturopathic weight loss protocol. Prior to coming in for this visit you will request a requisition for your follow up lab work. Then you and your doctor will sit down to review your results and to ensure that your physiology is looking as good as your physical frame! Critical markers such as insulin, glucose, inflammatory markers and specific nutrients must be within a certain range to put you in the best position for ongoing success! This reassessment visit ensures that all blood work can be analyzed at an appropriate time. Many people in fact have a reassessment visit every six months while they are on their journey, just to ensure success and keep them on track!

Next Steps

Learn more about our fees for the naturopathic weight loss program.  Best of all, our fees can be covered by your extended health insurance plan, as we are licensed Naturopathic doctors.

If your specific weight loss concerns involve, thyroid, adrenal or hormonal factors then additional follow ups may be necessary to focus on the ongoing health of those specific areas.