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We talk about PCOS a lot...

We have a special interest in PCOS and are constantly obsessing over the latest research on this complex condition. 

Our medical director, Dr Fiona McCulloch is the author of Amazon best seller “8 steps to reverse your PCOS” .  The book was published in 2016 and we have learned much since the book was written and a lot of that is recorded here.  We are passionate about educating the public as much as possible on this condition!

Are you in Ontario, Canada seeking PCOS treatment?

Articles on PCOS


Sleep and PCOS

Did you know that there’s a strong link between quality of sleep and PCOS? Dr. Samina discusses various sleep disturbances linked with this condition.

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Fiona McCulloch ND

PCOS and Autophagy in the Ovary

Autophagy is a popular term these days in the fasting world, but many aren’t aware that it’s also crucial for ovarian function. (1). Autophagy occurs when

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