Fertility related posts.

Ashwagandha and Sperm Count

Male infertility accounts from anywhere from 30-50% of infertility worldwide. IVF is an expensive procedure that is often used to treat male factor infertility, however, there is good evidence that many natural supplements and antioxidants may improve the sperm count and as such, improve fertility.

This double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial investigated a group of 46 male patients between 26 and 40 years of age who had low sperm count, between 5-20 million/ml. The group receiving the treatment were given 225 mg per day of a full spectrum root extract of this herb.

Fertility Herb Maca Improves LH Surge

Maca root is a commonly used traditional herb in South America to improve fertility in both men and women. Although it has been commonly used in botanical medicine for these purposes, the exact action on the endocrine system remains to be fully understood. A new study has been released which may have uncovered some of this mystery. In this study, maca root was given to female rats for a period of 7 weeks at various doses.

Antioxidants and Female Fertility. New Evidence

A new study was released from Harvard Vanguard/Boston IVF recently which provided some interesting insight into the role of 3 different antioxidants on female fertility. The study investigated Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta carotene, and found distinct differences between the three and time to pregnancy. It also determined that these antioxidants had differing effects based on body mass index and age.

Thyroid and Fertility Seminar | Naturopathic Thyroid Info

I provided a seminar to approximately 2000 people on the topic of the Thyroid and Fertility as part of the Joyfully Pregnant Natural Fertility Summit. I covered many important topics, including how the thyroid affects ability to conceive, and the ability to maintain early pregnancy. I also covered in great detail Hashimoto’s disease, the Thyroid and the Adrenal connection, Testing for thyroid, Iodine testing and many more important topics! Recordings of the summit are available to purchase online.

Thyroid and Fertility, Thyroid and Pregnancy

Thyroid and Fertility, Thyroid and Pregnancy | Infographic

We at White Lotus have created this infographic to detail the effects of the Thyroid on Fertility. We hope that you will share it and also that it helps provide some interesting information on the important of Thyroid health in Fertility. We have also included naturopathic information including nutrient requirements of iodine, foods rich in selenium and iodine, and information on the effects of heavy metals, environmental agents and even stress on the function of the thyroid gland.